Felice f. m.
Christian Couples Coach

"Helping Christian couples BE ONE without losing one's self in the process." ~Felice F.M.~
Blending Spoken Word poetry with truths from God's Word, to help Christian couples communicate effectively, quickly, and avoid misunderstandings or disrespect.

4 Ways I faithfully serve through 
Workshops. Conferences.Seminars.


Helping husbands to see that  effectively communicating as “one” means fusing how he thinks logically, with how he feels emotionally.  


Helping wives to clearly speak what she feels in her heart, fairly,and directly so that her husband understands.


Helping couples carefully consider what ‘two’ becoming ‘one’ truly means. And how to live it out practically.


Guiding newlyweds towards quickly and clearly seeing past their current problems. From my experiences to yours, so you don’t make the same mistakes commonly made by couples new to marriage.


Feel unheard?

“Why won’t he just listen to me?” 
Men typically tend to converse with her logically. Looking to problem solve. While women, usually, crave a connection. They want to be felt. I help him fuse his logic, with his feelings, which quickly, and deeply creates mutual understanding.

It’s not fair

Feel it’s one-sided?

“She just doesn’t get it.” 
Men generally want to communicate a point. Oftentimes, the message may be logically clear, yet, emotionally void. Which leads her to be confused, with him frustrated. I help men develop the key words that percisely gets “through to her.” 


Problems Communicating?

Constantly arguing with no progress? 
It all starts with the thoughts that we bring into the relationship. If we agree that we are not perfect, then how can our thoughts be perfect? Deeply questioning and rethinking thoughts directy minimizes misunderstandings and gradually creates lasting change.


No Union.

Aren’t you two supposed to be one?
How can BOTH be happy as ONE instead of as individuals while together? There is a way to be ONE without losing one’s self in the process. I teach you how.

How I help.

Just 7 months after my wife and I got married, we were separated for 4 years. However, not in the way you may think. We remained together, but, were separated by thousands of miles. I was in the United States, and she was in St. Lucia. Two different countries. Imagine how much of a challenge that is for married couples. Especially, newlyweds. When all you have is communication. However, our faithful, loving God, did use that situation to deeply hone our communication skills. I want to share what I’ve learned during that time to help couples work through communication problems that commonly happen. Problems that usually happens regardless of how long you have been married. It really really, and truly starts with our thoughts. With a mixture of spoken word poems, and speeches grounded in God’s word, I aim to directly confront the strongholds plaguing God’s design for marriage.

Start being ONE now. 
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Spoken Word Poetry

Real review. Genuinely expressed.

Kent M.


“I used to really be judgemental. Felice helped me see how that affected my communication with my girlfriend. And why she stopped sharing things with me. Unfortunately, I found this website AFTER my relationship ended. At least I know now.”

Stan C.
Sales supervisor

“So what I used to think its smarter to be more logical than emotional. Emotions are dumb. That’s what I thought. Now, I still think they’re dumb, just not completely. lol. He’s still working on me. Took me years to get to that point. He pretty good at getting you to question your thoughts.”

Brandon S.

About Me.

Christian. Poet. Apologist.
I have no living blood relations in this world that I know of.
November 28, 1996 my mother died of HIV. I was twelve years old. Less than a year later my grand-uncle died of Diabetes. At that moment, no words could capture the loneliness I felt. To speak frankly, lonliness really sucks. It is that lonliness that I deeply felt that God used to shape me into someone who really desired to not only create relationships, but to maintain them permanently. Since then I have had many brothers and sisters.(from other mothers and misters) Many of which I have known as early as elementary school. And, I praise God for the wife he has given me, that I am sharing a marriage joyfully with for nearly a decade. I want to help couples stop seeing communication as something done individually, and help them to start seeing marriage, and the aspects of marriage, something that is done as one.

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